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Care Guides

Cashmere Care Guide

Cashmere is one of the most long-lasting fibres. Given the right love and care, this wonderfully soft yarn will stand the test of time for future generations to treasure and enjoy.

Less is more when it comes to washing your beautiful cashmere piece. Unless stained, we recommend washing after 3 or 4 wears.  For ultimate longevity, wash your Olivier London cashmere piece in cold water with a mild detergent, such as Woollite. 

Before washing, undo all buttons and turn your garment inside-out. If your piece is stained, brush off the stain and soak for 20 minutes before rinsing.  Cashmere is at its most delicate when wet, so never wring or pull your wet cashmere as it will stretch beyond repair.  When thoroughly rinsed with cold water, gently press excess water out of your garment and place it on a dry towel and carefully roll it up.  Once the towel has absorbed as much moisture as possible, shape the garment back to its original shape, fasten buttons and lay flat in a shady spot to dry. 

We understand that time is precious in modern-day living, and that following these instructions every wash can be time-consuming. If required, your cashmere piece may be machine washed on a cold wash and low spin if you have that setting.  If you need your garment in a hurry before it has dried, you may pop it in the dryer for 5 minutes to speed things up. After 5 minutes, reshape and lie flat. 

Important: Do not machine wash or tumble dry Olivier London cashmere hats featuring pom-poms. In this instance, only hand wash as the pom-pom will shrink and become less stable on the hat. 

As cashmere becomes softer after each wash, the use of fabric softener is unnecessary and can actually be detrimental, leaving a chemical barrier on the cashmere fibres which can make them prone to pilling. Time and careful washing is the best form of softener for your Olivier London cashmere. 

We advise against dry cleaning your Olivier London piece; cashmere comes from goats and this soft undercoat hair gets fluffier and more lustrous after it is washed.  Dry cleaning can damage and break the cashmere fibres over time. 

Generally, cashmere doesn’t wrinkle or crease and can be worn without ironing.  However, cashmere can be ironed if required. For best results, turn your Olivier London piece inside-out, lay it flat on your ironing board and cover your item with a clean, light-coloured cloth. Set your iron to the lowest temperature and press it gently to your cashmere piece, using a low steam if required. Iron using smooth, gentle strokes across the piece without stretching it out of shape. 

Knitwear made from natural fibres may pill or bobble. This occurs as a result of the fibres rubbing against themselves or another surface, which is why you may notice it in high-friction areas such as under the arms and between the legs. Don’t panic, pilling does not mean your item is faulty. It occurs most commonly when items are new and the knit is looser on the thicker cashmere items.  We recommend removing fuzz balls with a cashmere comb after washing, and your jumper will look as good as new before long.

Cashmere is a natural, breathable fibre, making is a good choice for warmer months too as it helps regulate body temperature. 

Yes! Cashmere is a naturally light and durable fibre, which makes it a wonderful choice of yarn for your baby or child.  Cashmere has a unique breathability which helps to keep children and babies warm, but also aids temperature regulation and prevents over-heating.  Cashmere also holds natural anti-bacterial properties and generally needs to be washed less often than synthetic items. 

Our natural cashmere range is knitted from three natural tones of cashmere fibre: cream, grey and brown, with no dye stuffs used and only the essential processes of blending, carding and spinning applied. This is cashmere in its most true form, where the fibres retain all of their famous natural characteristics; purity of colour, super-soft feel, durability and breathability – ideal for a baby’s delicate skin. 

As cashmere is undeniably attractive to moths, the best way to protect and store your Olivier London cashmere piece is in a breathable garment bag, ensuring it is clean and dry before prior to storage. Natural tissue paper can also be used in between layers of cashmere to stop them rubbing and pilling, while moth prevention will help keep your pieces moth-free.  

Linen Care Guide

All of our linen is from Europe and is laundered in the mill for extra softness, all our linens are 100% linen, Oeko-Tex registered and between 160 and 200 gsm. Looking after well, linen is incredibly durable and will last years and can be handed down generations.

Your Olivier London linen piece can be machine washed or hand-washed in a cool (30 degree) wash. For best results, turn your Olivier London piece inside-out and wash with a gentle non-bio detergent to protect the fibres.  After washing, shake out and dry your linen item flat – do not tumble dry.  Linen will always seize up after washing, but as soon it is worn or ironed, the fibres will relax again. 

Never wash your linen item on a hot setting as it will fade and the fibres will become damaged. It is also important never to dry your linen item in direct sunlight as the colour may fade and bleach.

Linen can be dry-cleaned but we don’t recommend it as it can fade the natural dye and the chemicals can damage the fibres over time.  To increase longevity and allow your Olivier London linen piece to age naturally, machine washing or hand washing is recommended.

Yes, linen may be ironed. We recommended ironing your Olivier London item with a hot iron whilst still damp.  If the fabric is dry and the wrinkles are set, we recommended a hot steam iron. 

Linen is easy to wash and although we recommend a cool wash to avoid fading, it can sustain high temperatures with very little or no shrinkage. Linen is a strong fibre and will keep its shape without stretching for many years.

The best way to store your Olivier London linen item is in a breathable garment bag away from sunlight. Ensure your item is clean and dry before you store it. Moth prevention items or lavender may also be used.

Cotton Care Guide

Our cotton items are either made from Liberty’s Tana Lawn™ or our GOTS certified muslin or plumetti. None of our cottons have been treated with harsh or weakening chemicals and can therefore if treated properly last a long time and be handed down generations.

For best results and to help your Olivier London cotton piece last for future generations, we recommend washing it in a machine or by hand on a cool (30 degrees or below) wash.  Before washing, turn your item inside-out and always wash with similar colours. To ensure your Olivier London cotton item keeps it colour, we recommend washing with a gentle non-bio washing detergent without bleach or bleaching agents, and avoiding tumble drying. 

Once washed, pull your item to its original shape and air-dry out of direct sunlight.

Due to the high quality cottons we use and the lack of chemical used in the dyeing, shrinking is negligible, however, always wash your item on as cool a setting as possible.  In case of spillage or stains, soak your piece for 20 to 30 minutes in mild detergent before washing to help remove the stain. 

Our cotton can be put in the tumble dryer, but we don’t recommend tumbling after every wash as this can lead to fading and damage over time.  

Yes, our cottons respond well to a cool iron with steam if required.  For best results, cover your item with a clean, light-coloured cloth, set your iron to the lowest temperature, using a low steam if required, and iron using smooth, gentle strokes across the piece.

Swimwear Care Guide

We are proud to say that all our swimwear is made from Econyl, a regenerated nylon from disused fishing nets in the ocean. Caring correctly for your Olivier London Econyl piece will make it last years, maintain it colour and keep protecting your little one from the sun.

Always try to wash your Olivier London swimwear piece with similar colours and (ideally) with similar fabrics.  Wash your item on a cool (30 degrees or below) machine or hand wash using a mild non-bio washing detergent without bleach or bleaching agents.  Do not tumble dry, iron or dry-clean your Olivier London swim piece.  To help your piece keep its shape, dry flat.

Unfortunately chlorine, sunscreen and lotions may damage swimwear and cause colour changes.  To avoid this, always rinse your Olivier London swimwear in clean, cold, unchlorinated water after use and avoid hanging your swimwear out to dry in direct sunlight.

We do not recommend tumble drying or ironing your Olivier London swimwear piece. Our swimwear is quick to air-dry (out of direct sunlight) and should not need to be ironed.

Due to the nature of swimwear (and active, beach-loving children!), sand may get trapped in the knit. To remove sand after wearing, we recommend soaking your swimwear in cold water where the sand should work its way out. Squeeze the water out gently and lie flat to dry.

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