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Size Guides

Unsure of which size to choose for your child? Our size guides help remove the guesswork. Follow the measurement guidelines below to determine the most suitable clothing size for your child. All you need is a tape measure.


SizeHeight Chest Weight 
0-3 monthsupto 60cm |24"upto 43cm |17"upto 6kg
3-6 months60-66cm |24-26"43-46cm |17-18"6-8kg
6-12 months66-78cm |26-31"46-49cm |18-19"8-10kg
1-2 years78-90cm |31-35.5"49-52cm |19-20.5" 
2-3 years90-98cm |35.5-38.5"52-54cm |20.5-21" 

Children & Teen Clothing

SizeHeight Chest Waist Hips 
3-4 years 98-104cm |38.5-41"54-56cm |21-22"50-52cm |19.5-20"58-60cm |23-24"
4-5 years104-109cm |41-43"56-58cm |22-23"52-53cm |20-20.5"60-62cm |24-24.5"
5-6 years109-116cm |43-45.5"58-60cm |23-24"53-54cm |20.5-21"62-64cm |24.5-25.5"
6-7 years116-121cm |45.5-48"60-63cm |24-25"54-55cm |21-21.5"64-67cm |25.5-26.5"
7-8 years121-130cm |48-51"63-68cm |25-27"55-57cm |21.5-22.5"67-73cm |26.5-29"
9-10 years130-140cm |51-55"68-72cm|27-28.5"57-59cm |22.5-23.5"73-76cm |29-30"
11-12 years 140-152cm |55-60"72-78cm |28.5-31"59-62cm |23.5-24.5"76-84cm |30-33"
13-14 years 152-160cm |60-63"78-82cm |31-32.5"62-64cm |24.5-25.5"84-88cm |33-35"


SizeAgeHead Circum
Extra Small upto 6 monthsup to 44cm |17.5"
Small 6-18 months 44-50cm |17.5-19"
Medium 18mths - 3years50-52cm |19-20"
Large 3-6 years52-54cm |20-21"
Extra Large 6-10 years54-56cm |21-22"
Teen 10 years plus 56cm |22" plus 

Socks & Shoes


How To Measure

Height: Remove your child’s shoes and measure them from the top of their head to the floor.

Chest: Ask your child to raise their arms above their head and measure them at the fullest part of their chest.

Waist: Find your child’s natural waistline. Measure this area, pulling the tape measure so that it is taut, but not so tight that it digs into the skin.

Hip: Measure around the hip area at the fullest part.

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