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We believe in timeless style and slow fashion. Clothes that are made well and made to last. Made to be lived in, loved and passed on. It was this ethos, along with Emma Olivier’s much-loved vintage and inherited pieces, that inspired the first Olivier London hand-knitted pieces. 

Our Story

Our Vision

Sustainability goes hand in hand with our slow fashion vision and, together with our partners, we strive to ensure our manufacturing footprint is ethical and fully traceable, from source to store.

With the exception of our swimwear range, which is made from Econyl, a regenerated nylon made from discarded ocean fishing nets, we only use natural, sustainably sourced fibres in our clothing. Mindful of our environmental impact on the world, 90% of our collection is certified organic and all of our buttons are made from natural products.

“Our hope is to inspire generations beyond our own to understand the importance of sustainable and conscious consumption, and how ethical manufacturing helps to prolong traditional production methods and support local communities.”


Our Fabrics

Nature is amazing. The natural fibres we use are naturally resilient, and with a little care, will last a lifetime. To minimise our environmental impact, our cashmere collections only use ‘green’ dyes that are free from toxic chemicals and conform to Standard 100 Guidelines. All of our cotton is Fairtrade and forced-labour-free, and by 2022 our aim is for our entire collection to be 100% organic.

Our Values

Our cashmere story starts with hardy mountain-dwelling goats that have adapted to live in the harsh environments and extreme temperatures of the Gobi Desert. To survive, the goats develop wonderfully thick coats made up of a coarse outer guard hair and a fine, soft undercoat that we use in production.

These cashmere fibres are sourced for us from Ningzia Province using sustainable herding and grazing practices that promote high standards of animal welfare and work to protect this traditional way of life within nomadic communities.

Hand-sorted, our cashmere is spun in Scotland on the banks of Loch Leven, where the water’s natural purity and softness helps to open the fibres up, resulting in a wonderfully consistent colour and unparalleled softness.

These traditional techniques have been refined over centuries, and consequently our cashmere pills less than any other. Made to last, it can be passed down from one generation to the next.

To complement this incredible raw material, we only use ‘green’ dyes that are chemical-free and conform to the Standard 100 guidelines.

Featuring delightful and whimsical prints, our distinctive printed cotton pieces are loved the world over. We are privileged to work closely with world-renowned design institution, Liberty Fabrics, for all our printed cotton collections, many of which include colourways exclusively created for Olivier London in Liberty’s Northern Italian Mill.

Our printed cotton pieces are made from Liberty's famous Tana Lawn™ fabric, which is 100% organic cotton; fine, cool and durable with a silk-like feel.  The qualities of the weave provide a brilliant base material on which to print our exclusive colourways of Liberty’s iconic textile designs.

Tana Lawn™ continually evolves as Liberty Fabrics works with new technologies and processes to ensure it maintains its reputation as the best printed cotton in the world.

Our Woven collection of cotton and muslin is designed in-house in the UK and made in Europe. Our supply chain is 100% traceable and all our cotton is GOTS certified and OEKO-TEX rated.  Made for life and made to last. 

We only use the finest organic European linen which is incredibly soft and durable. Made within Europe, it is Master of Linen® certified, meaning it is 100% traceable and has less far to travel to our factories.  Linen is completely biodegradable and, due to its natural absorbency, it requires less dye than cotton.  Scoring highly on the ecological chart, it is naturally stain-resistant, does not pile, and is moth-repellent, ensuring your beautiful linen pieces can be passed down for generations to come. 

Our Olivier London swimwear range brings manufacturing full circle from waste to wear thanks to Econyl™, a nylon recycled from discarded fishing nets found in our oceans.  Infinitely recyclable, it boasts the same properties as regular nylon but can be reused and remoulded again and again instead of taking up precious new resources.

This innovative fabric makes our exclusive Liberty print swimwear breathable and comfortable while retaining its shape beautifully.  A journey from waste to wear. 


Meet Our Makers

Olivier London collections are made by many talented individuals and some of the best family run factories across Europe.

Our Story


Our machine and hand-knitted Cashmere Collection is made in Bulgaria, where there is a huge tradition of knitting, by some of the best knitters and stitchers in the world. This family-run business provides prestigious jobs for talented knitters in the local community.

We also employ over 15 hand-knitters. Supporting Bulgaria's century-long knitting tradition, these exceptionally talented local women have had their knitting knowledge passed down from generations before them.  Every region in Bulgaria has its own specific knitting patterns (a reflection of local customs and beliefs) which are often included in our designs.

Woven And Swimwear

Our woven linen, cotton and swimwear collections are produced in one of Bulgaria’s finest sewing factories. Using traditional methods including French seaming, these garments are made to be durable and stand the test of time.

Any leftover fabric from our factories is reused in Olivier London accessories to reduce waste.

Our Values
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